• Solar Power Bank

    A Solar Powered device that charges your electronics and is an easy portable gadget to take with you everywhere you go in case of on emergency. Or even if you just want it to just have as s regular portable charger.

  • Air Compressor

    A portable Air Compressor that takes the stress off of stopping at a gas station and outs them into a port machine like this and with ease fills up anything that is a flat whether its sports ball and tires.

  • Milk Frother Egg Beater Coffee Frother Household Electric Milk Stirring Battery Handheld Blender

    A fortunate use for the purpose of those who tend to take selfies on the go for more thrill and excitement. Its easy durable arms can have your take selfies from any angle you want. Just place strike a pose and snap with just a click of a button.

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